Some background on the boat races

Published Sept. 3 2019

To the Editor

Re: “Weekend event too noisy” Haliburton Echo Aug. 20 2019

Haliburton Outboard Power Boat Races marked their fifth year at Head Lake this past month. As the event organizer I have done my best to address the noise issue through various newspaper articles and radio interviews. I apologize to those who find the noise offensive or disruptive to their health.
I could go on and on about this being free something for young people to do etc. but I will refrain. Instead I think it is about time to get facts correct and out there.
At other races we test on Fridays. At this event we refrain from testing to limit the noise to those who choose to live by a park area. Events in the States will shut down the whole town to host racers and spectators (Dupuis Illinois).

On Sunday we begin race day late (anthem begins at 11 a.m.)  in respect of the church services.
Past racers racers (Canadian and American) family friends and sponsors stay at the various bed and breakfast establishments motels and resorts.
90 people show up yearly to the banquet at the Pinestone. This particular year we were the only event at the Pinestone.
The public boat launch is shut down but RPM offers free boat launching and parking to accommodate this inconvenience.
People who attend do spend their money in town at the restaurants grocery stores and I personally know for a fact…the women did go shopping.
At the banquet we run a 50/50 draw in which 100 per cent was given back to the auxiliary.
The person who supplies the sound equipment opted for no rental payment.  Instead donated payment to the auxiliary.
A past racer’s wife spends her winter knitting “race dolls” for the auxiliary to sell at their table.
10. Most importantly every year we try to raise money for the Hospital Auxiliary.  This year we raised over $7100 for the Hospital Auxiliary. Over $2000 of that came directly from Toronto Outboard Racing Club and the rest from the raffle which I personally organize and hand over the selling of the tickets to the team of auxiliary volunteers who work extremely hard. So let’s do the math over the past five years: “the noise” raised $15100.  I wish we all could embrace the cause and get along once and for all?

Barb Hammond
Event organizer