Letter: Masks protect others from you

To the Editor

As those in Haliburton know – only too graphically – there are many who do not want to wear a mask. They will try to justify their position with wild claims showing a fake ‘Get Out of Jail Card’ or just plain stubborn refusal – often stating “It’s a free country and I am free to do what I want.”

To them my reply is – “If you and any of your freedom loving friends want to jump off a cliff then by all means do so. You have the right to do it. But you do not have the right to push someone else off that cliff.”

It is well known that asymptomatic people (who show no signs of being contagious) can unknowingly infect others.

The main reason for wearing a mask is that it protects the wearer from infecting others. Those who refuse to wear a mask are therefore potentially pushing others off a cliff.

They have the right to jump but not to push.

Dennis Choptiany

Koshlong Lake