Letter: Hope for reversing global warming?

To the Editor

I have long wished I could do something to heal the planet. Swedish teen Greta Thunberg alerted me to the fact that we need to push politicians to get involved. Greta says we as adults have taken away her future and the future of our children and grandchildren.

Greta suggests strongly that we must treat this as a crisis the number one issue facing the human race. She is very critical of politicians who worry about their next election but not the future of their people. She likens the situation to your house burning down. You would panic and would do whatever it took to save your home and the people in it. This is how our leaders need to behave going forward. Co-operate with each other and do what is necessary to stop global warming.

On YouTube Paul Hawken says there are many things that can make this happen.

He began doing research with other scientists and came up with a plan called Drawdown which means the point at which the C02 level begins to go down. They prioritized the solutions necessary.

The top solution is to improve refrigeration and air conditioning. The next is greatly lowering food waste and landfill. The third one is to eat a plant based diet. Another one is to educate all girls in the world. He admitted that this one shocked him but if you think about it educated women have fewer children. Our biggest issue is overpopulation.

There are many solutions but the top few are not the only ones needed.  We need them all. They had a graph of 80 things which would make a difference and take us to our main goal of lowering greenhouse gases. Many solutions allows everyone to do something to improve our chance of survival.

Drawdown is a complicated plan but it’s doable if we can get countries politicians and individuals to co-operate and begin now!

Margot Roberts

Dysart et al