Let’s get back to basics

To the Editor

We have become slaves to social media by way of Twitter Facebook Instagram texting internet and more. There are serious consequences for posting damaging comments that have negative harassing remarks that damage one’s character causing emotional trauma to those who become a target.
Whatever happened to conversation? Now all one does is text. All those busy fingers sending messages even during lunchtime. There could be a group of people at a table and they are all texting. There is no conversation or interaction taking place among any of the group.
Don’t forget those who are busy texting and crossing at an intersection oblivious to anything around them. Of course we can’t forget “Siri” doing activities that we are very capable of doing ourselves.
A vehicle with hands-free driving parking and technology that has made driving dangerous. Instead of paying attention to the road we are too busy trying to decipher all notations on the dash that takes our attention off safe driving.

Before we know it we won’t see sales representatives at retail outlets just robots in their place. We need to put down all those social media devices and get back to basics. We have lost our ability to be rational caring and to verbally communicate – especially among our youth and young adults. Without all the social media devices at their fingertips one has to wonder what future would they have. By the way for those who may be wondering I do not own a cellphone however I have a computer which I use sparingly. I guess one could say I am not social media savvy.

Beverly MacDuff