Legion recognizes winners of annual Remembrance Day contest

By Angelica Ingram

Their entries were about reflection and remembering as more than 160 students submitted 132 entries into this year’s annual Haliburton Legion Remembrance Day Literary and Poster Contest.
The winning entries were recognized at an awards ceremony held April 1 at the Legion where winners were honoured for their poems posters and essays.
Legion youth education chairman Brian Hambly thanked all the participants for their entries which came from Stuart Baker Elementary School JD Hodgson and Haliburton Highlands Secondary School as well as one home entry.
The results were:

Senior: Victoria Hawley first place.
Intermediate: Emma Bootin first place. Charlotte Paton second place. Jessica Byers third place.
Junior: Sophie Lafferty first place. Kaitlynne Fischer second place. Sophie Longe third place.

Senior: Victoria Hawley first place.
Intermediate: Charlotte Paton first place. Monique Dulong second place. Ania Smolen third place.
Junior: Campbell Itani Smith first place. Cassidy McMullen-Szpik second place. Alyssa Morisette third place.

Senior: no entries
Intermediate: Morgan Burke first place. Ania Smolen second place. Emma Brohm third place.
Junior: Alyssa Morisette first place. Isabel Mill second place. Jocelynne Isabelle Lafleur third place.
Primary: Cheyenne Degeur first place. Joshua Scheffe second place. Taliah Dumas-Stephenson third place.

Senior: no entries.
Intermediate: Brandon Pettipas-Elkins first place. Connie Oh second place.
Junior: Abigail Lewis first place. Mya Jones second place. Natasha Hewer third place.
Primary: Annabelle Borgdorff first place. Tate Itani Smith second place. Leanne Sidsworth third place.

Victoria Hawley first place senior level for poem and first place for essay.
Campbell Itani Smith first place intermediate level for essay.
Emma Bootin second place intermediate level for poem.
Morgan Burke second place intermediate level for poster.
Annabelle Borgdorff second place primary level for poster.
Sophie Lafferty third place junior level for poem.

Victoria Hawley first place for poem and second place for essay.