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Leftovers closes its door hotdog stand will return next year

By Angelica Ingram

After 16 years of serving up savory burgers and hotdogs Leftovers has closed its doors.
The eatery located on County Road 21 next door to Antiques and Neat Stuff originally started out as a hotdog stand said owner/operator Steve Dunec.

The decision to close the seasonal restaurant which started out as a year round endeavour was made by his wife Anne said Steve.
“My wife’s had enough of food service so she wants to do something different” he said.
Leftovers was primarily run by Anne who is now seeking a new opportunity in the community.

The closure which took place at the end of September may be bad news for those who love hamburgers and fries which were available at the restaurant but not for those looking for a juicy hotdog.

Steve told The Echo he plans to continue running his popular hotdog cart on Highland Street and will be back at his usual spot in front of The Photo Shop next spring.
“I have fun there and it’s a lot less stressful and easier than running the restaurant” he said.

Next year will mark his 20th anniversary with the stand and Steve said he will likely host a fundraising event to celebrate the occasion.

The Dunecs began their business with two hotdog carts one on the main street the other where the restaurant is located.
It was based on feedback he was hearing from his customers that originally led Steve to the decision to open up a restaurant back in 2000.
“Guys came along and would say we’d like this or we’d like that” he said laughing. “I told them it was a hotdog cart things were limited and that I can’t serve up steak on a bun here for you.”

Eventually he decided to expand his offerings and the couple had a nice long run in the food business as a result.
“Most of the guys who would come in were more than just customers they were friends” said Steve who has lived in the area for more than 45 years. “I’m a hotdog guy I’m on my third generation of hotdog eaters now.”

The couple weren’t interested in selling the restaurant and instead sold much of their equipment to other local businesses and restaurants.

Both former teachers Steve and his wife are looking forward to the next chapter of their life whatever it might be.