Leadership needs next generation

To the Editor,

In regards to the July 26 article Vacant council nomination positions concern Roberts, I would like to have a letter to the editor included in support and toward action for this concern …
Options for leadership mentoring …
Technology has improved communication, some positive and some not, in recent years. The situation we face with the lack of political leadership and volunteers in general indicates there has been a major shift happening in our communications and training. The July 26 article Vacant… concerns …” needs our attention. It is possible to change mentoring to include future generations.
Mentorship is a progressive experiential learning of skills that are important to a community or organization. Locally, Rotaract, agriculture and other like groups are trying to do this. Leadership takes mentoring as well as humility to be effective. A perceived lack of younger volunteers to run in any of our elections indicate a disconnect with training the next generation of community leaders and volunteers. What lies ahead for our community when there are no new leaders coming forward?
We can encourage and support volunteers to honestly handle the challenges with the issues of housing, healthcare and environment. We each can do something to encourage leadership dealing with these issues. Any business has a time of training and mentoring. There are only a few more days for this cycle of election to encourage some younger talent with skills needed, to sign up for leadership. The skills in business and volunteer organizations can translate into municipal leadership. Who can you encourage to be leaders for our community?
We thank those who have been in positions of leadership. Now is the time to support those willing to sacrifice what it takes to represent us with mentoring new leadership.

Hopeful, Jean Schlicklin-Tyler.