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Lakeside Golf Course tees up for another season with new owners

By Olivia Robinson

Published May 22 2018

Duane Adams had eyed the Lakeside Golf Club in West Guilford for ages. For the last three years when he boated by the course abutting Grass Lake he often contemplated that he’d like to own it someday. Now he does.

Adams purchased the nine-hole golf course in August 2017. Once he saw the course listed on MLS he knew he wanted to buy it.

“I’ve been coming up here my whole life” said Adams of the area. “We’ve always had a family cottage in Haliburton.”

In 2007 he built his own cottage with the intention that he’d retire up in the Haliburton Highlands eventually. It was only once he bought Lakeside Golf Club that his dream became a reality.
The club – built in the 1950s now has close to 50 members. Adams said the majority of these members are locals.

“They’re all very nice to us – I’ve met about half of them.”

Adams said the previous owners Cindy Willing and Earl Cox helped him “immensely” during the transition. The biggest challenge for him as the new owner was the unpredictable spring weather but that is a perennial concern for most golf courses.

Adams said he’d like to continue the strong relationship with the Haliburton community now that he’s the owner by doing things like maintaining the course’s donation box.

“If every golfer donates a quarter or a dollar – it adds up” he said. The previous owners donated $800 after the end of last season to the hospital according to Adams.

He hopes for pleasant weather this spring and summer so that golfers can continue to enjoy a round or two at Lakeside Golf Club.

“We want to attract more members and more golfers. We want to cater to locals and the cottagers.”