HEcouncil passes 2018 budget

By Chad Ingram
Published March 13 2018

Thefollowing are brief reports of items discussed during a March 7meeting of Highlands East council.

Councillorspassed the 2018 budget which contains nearly $10 million in totalspending. Approximately $5.5 million will be derived from propertytaxation. That represents a tax levy increase of 2.43 per cent overthe 2017 levy and amounts to a tax rate increase of 0.92 per cent.Coupled with the tax rate increase at the upper tier county level(2.91 per cent) and the education tax this equates to an increase of$7.60 per every $100000 of residential assessment.


Councillorsapproved their remuneration for 2017. Mayor Dave Burton was paid justmore than $24200 and had $850 in mileage and other expenses for atotal of just more than $25000.

DeputyMayor Suzanne Partridge was paid just more than $19000 and had some$3000 in mileage and other expenses for a total of just less than$23000.

CouncillorsCec Ryall Joan Barton and Cam MacKenzie were each paid $16360 andwith mileage and other expenses had totals of approximately $18400$17700 and $18500 respectively.