Haliburton’s Max Creelman front row third from right with sunglasses is a Calgary fireman sent to Fort McMurray to help with the wildfires. He is a part of a team of 29 fire technicians sent to assist in the town where residents were forced to evacuate.Photo submitted

Haliburtonian helping in Fort McMurray

By Angelica Ingram

Published May 17 2016

A young man who was born and raised in Haliburton is making a difference in Fort McMurray following wildfires that have forced mass evacuation of the Alberta town.
Max Creelman has been living in Calgary for the past nine years where he works as a fireman. Max attended Algonquin College for firefighting following his graduation from Haliburton Highlands Secondary School.

He moved to Calgary for a firefighting job and has since gotten married and welcomed his first child daughter Collins.

According to his mom Anne Creelman Max has been working his way up the ladder and is now considered “an expert in his field.”
“He is now in Fort McMurray doing what he is trained to do and trying to help a community that desperately needs help” Anne wrote in an email to the Echo. “He’s a good guy and we’re proud of him.”

Max is one of 29 fire tech experts who are part of the Calgary fire department sent to Fort McMurray.
According to an article published in the Calgary Herald the team is comprised of highly trained and seasoned emergency management personnel who have experience responding to previous disasters.
“We’re proud of him but know it was hard for him to leave this time since he and his wife have a month-old baby girl now” said Anne. “Hoping for safety of all the people in the area residents first responders and all the people working to help the entire region.”