Heather Allan of Haliburton won the top prize in Instant Super Money Multiplier with a ticket purchased at Haliburton's Jug City convenience store. Allan took home $250000 which she says will go to a new truck and new home. She is getting married in June. Photo submitted by OLG

Haliburton woman wins $250000

A recent lottery win means Haliburton’s Heather Allan will be able to get the brand new pickup truck she’s always wanted.
“Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted a black pickup truck and I am going straight to the dealership to get one” Allan said in a release from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation.
Allan won $250000 in the Instant Super Money Multiplier game with a ticket purchased at Jug City in Haliburton.

She scratched the ticket in her truck outside the store on the day she purchased it and when she realized she won began to shake and cry.
“When I told my fiance about my win I was still crying and he thought something was wrong. But everything was exactly right” she said.
Between the time the ticket was validated and the day she picked up her winnings Allan said she’s been keeping the ticket close to her afraid she might misplace it.
“I have been guarding that ticket with my life the last few days even bringing it to bed with me at night” she said.

She has other excitement on the horizon as well.
“I am so excited to be getting married in June of this year and to be buying a home with my future husband.”
The Instant Super Money Multiplier has 10 top prizes of $250000.
– Staff