Kenlee Ella Wilson was born in the early morning hours of Jan. 3. Born at home in Haliburton the baby girl is believed to be the first baby born in Haliburton County in the new year. /Photo submitted

Haliburton welcomes first baby of the year

By Sue Tiffin

Published Jan. 8 2019

In the very early morning hours of Jan. 3 Kenlee Ella Wilson became Haliburton County’s newest resident.

The wee baby girl – weighing eight pounds and nine ounces at birth – celebrated her birthday just after many celebrated the new year and with her arrival also celebrated many firsts.

She’s the first baby born in Haliburton County this year the first baby born at home in Haliburton under the care of the Midwifery Services of Haliburton-Bancroft in 2019 and she’s the first baby for Haliburton residents Lauren and Brett Wilson.

Kenlee named for Brett’s grandfather Ken was expected around the end of December but Lauren said she took her time coming although the couple were ready for her.

It wasn’t until the day after her birth that her parents realized Kenlee was the first baby born in the county.

“It’s cool because we were joking she was going to be the youngest in the grade and now she’s the oldest” laughed Lauren just four days after Kenlee’s birth.

Lauren said Kenlee went from being the future youngest student in the class to being the oldest student with the last name on the alphabetical class list.

Kenlee was born at home in Haliburton where Lauren said the couple had planned her birth to take place.

“I didn’t like the idea of the drive to the hospital while I was in labour” she said. Those planning to give birth in a hospital setting need to travel out of the county to do so.

Midwives with the Midwifery Services of Haliburton-Bancroft discussed the measures in place to deal with any complications during birth which Lauren said reassured her and Brett of their decision. After the baby was born Lauren said because they were already at home they could easily crawl into bed with her.

“We just cuddled for two hours after she was born” she said. “It was the most amazing experience.”
Just a few days into life Kenlee is experiencing much love.

“She’s an angel” said Lauren. “I’m obsessed. Everything’s amazing. She’s so good. Every parent says that about their baby but she’s just so content. We’re really really lucky.”

The first baby born with care from the Midwifery Services of Haliburton-Bancroft arrived in Maynooth on Jan. 1 just before 1 a.m. this year.

“It was the best way to start the new year” said Lauren who joked that of people making resolutions to lose weight in the new year she wins given that she lost 10 pounds in the first three days of 2019. She praised the local midwives who she said are “just the best.”

Proud grandparents are John Wilson and Marilou Mizzan of Haliburton Deb Bishop and Rick Ames of Kirkland Lake and Mark and Carrie Ebenhardt of Aurora who cottage on Soyers Lake.