A rock found in front of Baked and Battered in Haliburton. /Submitted photo

Haliburton Rocks group brings sentimentto sediment

You may have noticed something different on your walks around Haliburton recently: painted rocks.

Painting rocks with uplifting messages and/or beau tiful art then leaving them near sidewalks or walk ing trails has become a trend amid the COVID-19 pan demic. It’s one of many new things communities around the world are doing to spread positivity without risking

spreading the virus.

About a month ago Haliburton resident Louise Deegan started a Facebook page called Haliburton Rocks hoping to inspire the Haliburton community to spread that same positivity.

“I am originally from the UK and started following a Facebook group called Congleton Rocks from my home town when lockdown began” said Deegan. “I definitely got a feel-good effect … when reading through the Con gleton Rocks page on Facebook and thought having something similar here in Haliburton would be nothing but positive.” The Congleton Rocks page has been active

for three years and has over 800 members.

Since Deegan started the Haliburton Rocks group it has amassed nearly 100 members with many sharing photos of the rocks they have painted or found. One of those members is Monica Keefer who said that it has been relaxing and fun to create the rocks.

“I hope it brings smiles to the community and brings us together [stronger] together even if it means at a dis tance” said Keefer. “My hope is to help mentally those that see them bring joy to their lives and [help them] know they are not alone.”

Group member Nancy Brownsberger echoed this sen timent. She said the rocks help remind people that we are all in this together and that love is everywhere.

Deegan said the response to the group has been posi tive so far and is hoping that even more people will share their stories and rocks to the page. “I hoped it would give kids and adults a creative outlet and make them think how a small gesture can make someone else feel hope” said Deegan. “The best part of painting rocks is to brighten someone’s day.”

Group member Daniela Pagliaro is someone who found one of the painted rocks in the community – she found a blue and white rock with the word kindness on it at Baked and Battered. “[It] made me double happy for being there and brightened my day” said Pagliaro.

If you want to join Haliburton Rocks you can search for their group on Facebook.