Haliburton Dance Academy dancers brought home a huge collection of awards from three competitions held in the spring. The massive teddy bear prize considered the most important award of the Kingston competition was awarded to the HDA dancers for their excellent sportsmanship. Submitted

Haliburton Dance Academy dancers win big

By Sue Tiffin

Published May 30 2017

Of all of the awards 35 dancers from the Haliburton Dance Academy (HDA) brought home from three competitions held this spring there are two that Chyna Schell cherishes most.
Schell the director/owner of HDA said accomplished dancers ranging in age from six to 18 received 12 platinum awards 38 high gold awards 42 gold awards 12 special awards and 17 overall awards at the competitions in Niagara Falls Port Hope and Kingston in March and April.

But the Pay It Forward Positivity award and This Is It overall award stand out for recognizing the character of HDA dancers.
“What we come away with doesn’t really matter to me nearly as much as the experience the dancers have under their belt” said Schell. “Learning sportsmanship time management teamwork just everything you should be learning at a competition atmosphere is so important.”
The Pay It Forward prize awarded at the Shooting Stars competition in Port Hope was a unique congeniality award given to dancers for being positive and having a good attitude. Those dancers were then responsible for finding someone else deserving of the award throughout the day.
“I love it because that’s what I take my kids to competition for” said Schell. “For the experience to meet other people and to network.”
Madelyn Walker and Carrie Walker received the Pay It Forward award for their duet entitled September.

In Kingston a massive teddy bear prize was awarded for excellence through sportsmanship backstage applauding others and being generally positive. HDA was awarded the bear which was felt by competition organizers to be the most important award of the competition.
“I’m so beyond proud of all of the kids” said Schell. “We weren’t reminding them to be nice. They were naturally wonderful and so endearing. It’s not a surprise at all.”
Dance Canada Niagara Falls:
Wyatt Hutchings and Skye Lambshead for their duet
“Time of My Life”
Paige Hough and Sydney Parish for their duet “Song
Wyatt Hutchings for his solo “Dance With Me”
Level 2 Musical Theatre group for their routine titled
“Bring It On”
Junior 1st place soloist Anabel Acero for her solo
“Party Dress”
Junior Group/Line: Advanced Acro “Rule the World”
3rd Place Highest Score of competition: Anabel Acero
“Party Dress”

Shooting Stars Port Hope:
All Company Choreography routine titled “Michael
Jackson” special award called: Teamwork
Carrie and Madelyn Walker for duet titled
“September” special award called: Electric Energy.
Intermediate Hip Hop routine titled “That’s My Girl”
special award called: Don’t Mess With My Crew
Emma Scheffee for her solo titled “Halo” special
award called: Love to Dance
Junior Tap “Shake Your Groove Thing” 3rd place Jr
Anabel Acero solo “Party Dress” 1st place Jr Soloist +
Most Potential Mini Dancer Award + Broadway
Bound Award
Sydney Parish solo “Flying Solo” 3rd place Jr Soloist
Intermediate Jazz group “I’m In Love with a Monster”
1st place Small Group
Intermediate Hip Hop group “That’s My Girl” 2nd
place Small Group
Level 1 Musical Theatre “I’ve Got a Dream” 2nd place
Large Group
All Co Choreography “Michael Jackson” 1st place Extended Line Group
Annie Merrifield solo “This Will Be” 3rd place Intermediate Soloist
Wyatt Hutchings and Skye Lambshead duet “Time of My Life” 2nd place Intermediate Duet
Advanced Acro “Rule the World” 4th place Intermediate small group
Senior Jazz “Candy Man” 3rd place Intermediate small group
Senior Lyrical “Count On Me” 3rd place Intermediate Small Group
Senior Hip Hop “TEAM” 1st place Large group
Senior Jazz “Into the Jungle” 2nd place Large group
Level 2 Musical Theatre “Bring It On” 1st place Intermediate Large group

This Is It Kingston:
Anabel Acero solo “Party Dress” special award called: “Dynamite Dynamix”
Jordy Schell solo “Be Still” special award called: “Quit Your Day Job!” + Achievement Award
Anabel Acero solo “Party Dress” 1st place Junior Soloist ($25 scholarship to finals)
Jordy Schell solo “Be Still” 1st place Intermediate Soloist ($50 scholarship to finals)
Senior Jazz “Into the Jungle” 1st place Large Group