Grow for it

By Sue Tiffin

Published May 8 2018

Spring is a good time to think about resilience as residents from around the county come out of the dark clutches of hibernation (or perhaps warm up in the sun after active days in the snow) and take in the spirit and season of renewal and growth and change after a long winter.

In this issue you’ll read about some of the people who live here whose active passion brings colour to the community and who shine to create and build and share even while overcoming obstacles.

In Haliburton Nadine Artemis and Ron Obadia are putting a devastating fire behind them by putting the finishing touches on an innovative headquarters for Living Libations that promotes health and wellness of their employees and supports a growing vision of sustainable architecture in this area.

In Wilberforce Leanna Wright is helping area residents get into the spirit of fun with a beloved and impressive costume collection in her basement that she rents to anyone in need – even if her dear husband Frank won’t wear one.

In Eagle Lake author Caroline Misner faced with years of being too busy to write and then years of rejection for a novel she so strongly believed in is celebrating a publishing win and preparing for a book launch of that work with such excitement and pride.

We read last week about the determined students who are working as youth leaders to find a place of their own because they didn’t have one and this week of the Point in Time-led collaborative efforts to bring a community space to the area that is in such need for the youth to gather and support resilience together.

A fair was even held devoted to getting out there and trying something new to encourage being proactive in pursuing things visitors might not have experienced before with exhibitors who were passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise. Bayan and Rihab Wiso were there having overcome immense life-altering challenges themselves and never being afraid to stand out in the crowd.

In the upcoming months we’ll hear more from people who have ideas of their own who have the dream of taking a leadership role on council even if they have to overcome nerves to put themselves out there. As they file their intentions to run for municipal government their names are starting to come to light and we’ll have the chance to support their efforts to keep this community strong and grow it in the right direction.

A farmer in Algonquin Highlands once said that in this county you can take risks and chase ideas because you won’t fall far. Inevitably you might not find the success or the response you’re looking for but if you put your passion into something that you then put into the community that community will recognize your accomplishment. You just have to get started.

Warmer weather is here. It’s time to shake off the dust (or snow and ice) of the dreary months passed and enjoy longer days by working toward whatever project has been lingering in the back corners of your mind.

You can do it. Go get it Haliburton County. Do good things.