Glamorgan Rd crumbling

To the Editor

How many repairs to our vehicles is it going to take before county council realizes County Road 3 (Glamorgan Road) is in dire need of major re-construction? Perhaps if we all send the cost of repairs incurred from condition of said road to the county for re-imbursement it would get county council’s attention. Even the seasonal population is dissatisfied with the condition and wondering why it has been left to deteriorate to such a degree and become unsafe. Perhaps a contingent of county ratepayers addressing their disgust at county council where the media will be in attendance would shed light as to the need for upgrading of Glamorgan Road in the south end of Haliburton County.

I realize provincial transfer payments have been reduced to lower tier levels of government however I am sure it can be investigated and proposal submitted to the province and even the feds to emphasis the need for necessary county roads upgrading including Glamorgan Road in an area that depends on the tourist trade and influx of seasonal residents who contribute to our economy as a four seasons destination and where many are retiring. There appears to be infrastructure funding for various projects within our county so why not for county roads. Can’t promote many attractions and activities if our roads are in terrible condition and unsafe.

Let’s get our MPP Laurie Scott and MP Jamie Schmale on board as well. Perhaps the county roads department could publish its five year plan if it exists as to what county road repairs are in the works where Glamorgan Road is on that scale and priority thereof. As county ratepayers we have the right to know what we are paying for when it comes to road upgrading and where in the county. This is my opinion and mine alone so no need to make others suffer for my comments.

Beverly MacDuff