Fire dept keeps town safe

Published Jan. 9 2018

To the Editor

A couple of bouquets if I may. On Thursday evening Dec. 28 a transformer blew in my hydro distribution zone in the centre of Haliburton. As you will recall the temperature was in the -30C range. Tree snapping house shuddering cold. Fire chief Mike Iles deputy chief Dan Chumbley and two of the captains Stacey Parish and Chris Iles of the Dysart Volunteer Fire Department arrived on our street to determine if anyone in the affected homes was in need of assistance….this on their way back from a very serious car accident! At the same time a Hydro One crew arrived to assess the situation and go about making the appropriate repairs. They went about their complicated task efficiently and in good humour. Thank you very much to both crews. These examples of care and consideration are two of so many reasons why it is a privilege to live in Haliburton. Worth remembering when we go about paying our municipal taxes or utility bills.

​Sean Pennylegion