Edward Muu MacDonald an emu spent a harrowing 24 hours on the run in Haliburton near Kashagawigamog Lake Road. Sue MacDonald has since adopted the bird as a pet. /Photo submitted by Rachel Hrboticky

Escaped emu sends residents on wild-goose chase

By Olivia Robinson

Published June 26 2018

An emu has been found safe after spending nearly 24 hours on the loose in Haliburton.

After flying the coop from a private residence the emu was spotted along Kashagawigamog Lake Road and at the Haliburton Highlands Golf Course before eventually being captured.

Native to Australia emus are the second-largest birds in the world with a build similar to ostriches. Although emus are flightless creatures they can grow up to six feet in height and run up to 50 kilometres an hour.

After hearing of the emu’s escape Sue MacDonald of Killara Station began canvassing Kashagawigamog Lake Road for the fugitive fowl.

Several residents posted videos and photos to Facebook and Instagram documenting the emu’s whereabouts.

“I was concerned about him last night because of the risk of him being attacked” MacDonald said. Emus can sleep while standing up making them an easy target for predators.

The emu originally owned by Tammy Maher had escaped sometime on June 19. During the search Maher told MacDonald that they were looking to find the emu a new home so MacDonald said that she could take in the feathery friend as a pet.

“They’ve been having trouble with him because the cows keep chasing him out” said MacDonald. “But we have a very tall electrified fence.”

By the afternoon of June 20 Edward had been found and was resting comfortably at his new home at Killara Station where he’s since been renamed Edward Muu MacDonald.

It was easy for MacDonald to take in Edward. For 23 years she lived in Australia and had gotten used to seeing the birds there but had never owned one before.

“He has found his way back to Australia in some way at Killara Station” laughed MacDonald.
“Killara” translates to “permanent” or “always there” in an Australian Aboriginal language. Edward will feel even more at home at Killara Station – MacDonald said they have a kangaroo mailbox at the end of her driveway.

MacDonald praised the Haliburton County Lost and Found Facebook page (www.facebook.com/Haliburtonlostpets) saying that it was the main reason why Edward was apprehended so quickly.

Thanks to MacDonald’s dog Nala Edward is now steering clear of the fence and his recent great escape will be the last.