Election results in

By Vivian Collings

The Municipality of Dysart et al and Municipality of Highlands East had tight races for mayor and Ward 1 in the 2022 Municipal and School Board Elections.
It came down to 58 votes in Ward 1 in Dysart.
In the Municipality of Dysart et al unofficial results, Pat Casey was elected as councillor for Ward 1 with 321 votes and Rob McCaig came second with 263 votes. Nancy Wood-Roberts was elected as councillor for Ward 2 with 504 votes with Daniel Roberts second with 334 votes.
In the Municipality of Highlands East unofficial results, Dave Burton was elected for Mayor with 1,117 votes and Cheryl Ellis was second with 801 votes.
Burton has been on council in Highlands East for four terms.
“I work very hard at what I do, and I’m dedicated to what I do, and I’m so humbled by the way people got out to vote to support me for another four years,” Burton said.

In Dysart, Carm Sawyer was elected as councillor for Ward 4 with 568 votes and Ron Evans came second with 302 votes.
Those acclaimed to office were Murray Fearrey for mayor, Walt McKechnie for deputy mayor, Tammy Donaldson for Ward 3 councillor, and Barry Boice for Ward 5 councillor.

In Highlands East, Angela Lewis was elected for Ward 2 councillor with 449 votes with Janice Dahms receiving 198 votes.
Cam McKenzie is acclaimed as Ward 1 councillor, Cecil Ryall is acclaimed as Ward 2 councillor, and Ruth Strong is acclaimed as Ward 4 councillor.
There were no candidates for deputy mayor in Highlands East, so the position will be nominated by members of council and voted on when the new term begins.
Gary Brohman was acclaimed as English Public School Board Trustee.
It is Pat Casey’s first time in office, and he’s looking forward to the challenge.
“Looking forward to making some positive changes. We’ve got a good bunch that got in in regards to other councillors,” Casey said. “I think we’ll have a good council moving ahead and a lot of it’s people that are independent thinkers with the same vision to push Haliburton into the next chapter of the next term.”
Nancy Wood-Roberts will be moving from Ward 1 councillor to Ward 2 for the first time.
“It’s so exciting. I’ve got a lot of things to learn, but all in all, it all about representing everyone equally,” Wood-Roberts said. “It’ll be a much bigger area with different concerns than the in-town ward. I’m really looking forward to it. I just want to say thank you to everyone who supported me.”
It is Carm Sawyer’s first time on council and talked about the lack of interest in municipal politics this term.
“Murray and Walt know a lot. Thankfully they did step up. Murray brings a lot of information to the table that everybody needs to know. That resource is important,” Sawyer said.

Fearrey, who has nearly 40 years of past experience on council in Dysart, said this council year was different from any other election he’s seen.
“I think there was less interest than I’ve ever seen in some of the wards and for mayor and deputy mayor for sure,” Fearrey said. “Politics has been most of my life. I like people, and I like seeing progress, and I am looking forward to it.”
“I’m very aware of what the job is on council. We have to represent the people. I’m really looking forward to the challenge. I’m looking forward to meeting at the county and representing all of Dysart along with Murray,” McKechnie said.
The new councils for Highlands East and Dysart et al will be sworn in on Nov. 15.