Dysart et al: Message from the mayor regarding seasonal residents

The following is a message from Dysart et al Mayor Andrea Roberts issued May 8 2020.

These last few months have been trying times for all.  We were initially told the closures and restrictions would only be a couple of weeks but as the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic became clearer it was necessary for the Province to continue with the safety measures they had put in place. One of the messages from the Federal and Provincial governments was to stay away from your cottage cabin or second property. It was crucial for travel to stop even between communities so health officials could do contact tracing and try to stop the spread of this powerful and devastating virus. We never had any authority to ban travel into or out of our community and we know some people decided to isolate here in Dysart at their cottage. However that messaging created some frustration and confusion for seasonal communities which then led to some very unfair and unkind comments.

The May long weekend is almost here and while the weather has been unseasonably cold people still want to come to their properties to do the usual chores and maintenance. The Premier in consultation with Mayors across cottage country is now asking people to only come if they feel they need to. This is not the traditional party weekend known affectionately as the “May 24”. You are welcome to come to your cottage but please bring what you need for the time you are up here. All the other restrictions are still in place and they are there to protect all of us. No gatherings of more than 5 and absolutely NO fires or fireworks.

Everyone should always feel welcome here as we all add to the vibrancy and culture of Dysart et al. We know the importance that we all collectively make to contribute to this community.

This Spring we welcome back our seasonal residents with open arms but six feet apart. So get your gardens raked clean the windows put in the docks repair the little things that always need fixing and plan for the summer ahead. The warmer weather will be here and while the summer of 2020 won’t be the same in the Highlands it will still be a beautiful peaceful place where wonderful family memories will be made. We truly are all in this together so be patient and be kind to each other.

Andrea Roberts

Mayor Municipality of Dysart et al