Congrats to HCSA

To the Editor

After what has to be one of the busiest snowmobiling weekends of the past few winters I wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate and thank the Haliburton County Snowmobile Association (HCSA) on the outstanding work they have done this winter providing world class groomed trails throughout the county. I am overwhelmed by the efforts the HCSA has made this winter to open groom and improve trails in the club’s extensive county wide trail system.

I have never seen – in my 40 years of riding here in Halliburton – more groomers out on the trails. In fact the club had the Rail Trail groomed and open in early December and has continued to groom and open more trails every week since. Tourism operators are benefiting from the economic impact from the thousands of snowmobilers who come here to Haliburton – including the enormous contingent of riders from southern Ontario and the U.S. HCSA trails have been standouts among virtually all of our neighbouring snowmobile regions. Specifically HCSA trail quality is outstanding this season.

The HCSA is unquestionably the most impactful volunteer managed tourism entity in the county. HCSA trails are among the most significant generators of economic impact – at a time when tourism operators need help. Again thanks to the HCSA leadership the grooming team and the volunteers who make snowmobiling in Haliburton county one of our most valuable assets.

Mark Lester
Supertrax Media Inc