Concern for new MP

To the Editor

Re: Schmale MP for HKLB.

Once again Haliburton County has chosen   another Conservative MP.   Given that we now have a

majority Liberal government   Mr. Schmale will occupy the back benches of a very resentful

opposition party he will be paid a handsome salary and he will have help with his living expenses

during his time in Ottawa. Great gig.

The question is: will he earn that money and speak for his constituents?

When our new prime minister presents a bill in the House of Commons   Mr. Schmale will be directed

to vote against any and all legislation   including legislation that   may improve the lives of Canadians!

We live in hope that Mr. Schmale will ask the opinion of his constituents. Perhaps he will even answer

our questions with an open mind and in a timely manner. Maybe just maybe he might periodically

hold town hall meetings and ask questions. Now isn’t that an original idea!

Always remember his constituents pay his salary and we have the right to hold him to account.

Marilyn Hewitt
West Guilford