Community giving knows no lines – municipal or county

To the Editor

With the recent breakdown of the Wilberforce Curling Club’s brine system the club worked desperately to try to provide support to the various leagues and youth programs. We could not have done any of it without the help and support of the various curling clubs within our surrounding area.

This support and openness to take in our club its members and help the executive find solutions to carry on with key functions such as bonspiels and other components of running the curling club business has been huge and very humbling.

The Bancroft Curling Club has been exceptional in the amount of help they have provided us both from a physical and mental perspective.  Not only did they allow us to host our Annual Ladies Bonspiel at their facility but they have also accommodated us so that we could run a Friday night League.

As well the Haliburton and Minden Curling Clubs have helped us by offering our members to join their leagues as well as each one providing their clubs for our other two major bonspiels – January Mixed Bonspiel and our Men’s Bonspiel in March.  Our newly formed Bantam Mixed Competitive Team was also taken in and allowed to practice with the Haliburton competitive teams.

As we work on fund raising events to help us get our own curling club back up and running we need to take a minute and give thanks and recognition to those around us that reached out a hand to help us back up on our feet.

Thank you for without the support and help from these clubs their executives and their members the battle would seem overwhelming.   With neighbours and friends such as these three clubs and the support of the community throughout the area we will make it and be up and running by the fall of 2016.

On behalf of the Wilberforce Curling Club members thank you!

Darrell McQuigge
Vice President Wilberforce Curling Club