Climate change is urgent

Published Aug. 1 2017

To the Editor

I am writing in response to your Climate Emergency editorial of July 11.
Your comments resonated with me.
I grew up in a different world. We took so much for granted and looked forward to a bright future. It was assumed that every problem had a solution. Early environmental warning signs were dismissed or categorized as “long term.”

Over-population and over-consumption have changed everything. Species are disappearing or threatened. Stephen Hawking has made dire predictions. You would think that national and international leaders would be pressing for immediate action. We need global mobilization. Instead we are fiddling while Rome burns. Even today there are political factions advocating for greater use of coal.
Continuing on the same track is unthinkable. I used to feel that as a Canadian and a grandfather I should be worried and try to do something to help. I still worry but the issues are international and more urgent. Conditions have worsened and the pace of change is accelerating. To make matters worse we are part of the problem. As Pogo said “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

As you noted it is easy to lapse into despair. What can one person do that will make a difference?
Action is the answer as you and Dianne Saxe have pointed out. If we each do a little together we will do a lot.  It won’t be easy but we must do something. If we have no hope we have nothing.
Your editorial was very useful. Thank you. I hope that many of your readers including me will take action.

David Snow