Charity tournament should have run this year

To the Editor

While Mr. Oyler in his interview with Darren Lum  talked of the many other commitments of the HHHS Foundation and how the Foundation personnel were very busy with those other projects he fails to answer why exactly the SMCHT was not a “go” this year.

Many of us from the former SMCHT committee were not asked to help.  I for one was not asked! I was one of many who went out to solicit for donations but was not asked this year!

I was part of the former SMCHT committee and while I bowed out of the committee for the 2016 year I was not averse to helping out.

I have heard many stories of the SMCHT but this one stuck in my mind.  There is a gentleman who had put together two teams for this year’s tournament and had also booked in at a local hotel/motel for these two teams. As the tournament is not happening this gentleman will cancel these reservations and probably not come back to Haliburton again.

I find it unconscionable that the HHHS Foundation board and its ED did not put in more effort to obtain the number of volunteers it would take to have this most important fundraiser for Community Support Services run.

Lee MacLean
Former SMCHT volunteer and board member of Community Care Haliburton County