Teresa and Glenn Evans are all smiles in their newly expanded office for their business Cedar Winds. Located at 173 Highland Street in Haliburton the business offers a client space as well as offices and meeting areas. ANGELICA INGRAM Staff

Cedar Winds expands downtown Haliburton presence

By Angelica Ingram

Aug. 17 2018

Cedar Winds has been in business for 20years but the company that specializes in home design/build has beengrowing its presence tremendously over the past five years.

This summer the business expanded itsdowntown office and now has a main street presence at 173 HighlandSt. in Haliburton.

Calling it a “client space” CedarWinds owner/operator Glenn Evans says the expansion allows thebusiness to engage with customers and show them the building optionsavailable in a comfortable and warm setting.

“Being on the main street wassomething that in the last five years I thought was something thatwould be a good move for us” he said. “Just to have thatexposure.”

Glenn said the decision helps separateCedar Winds from other companies.

“We don't consider it to be ashowroom per se” he said. “It's a client space … so more of aneducational and meeting place.”

Started by Glenn Evans Cedar Winds nowemploys 12 people and designs and builds homes and cottages in theHaliburton Highlands.

About five years ago Glenn and hiswife Teresa used the services of a business coach they wereintroduced to through the Haliburton Highlands Chamber of Commerce.

“He was instrumental in changing theway that I think and the way that we operate and the way that wemarket ourselves” Glenn said. “[He] stripped thebusiness down and made us understand a little bit better what we didwell what made us different than everybody else and to exploitthat.”

Glenn said the business does its bestto understand and meet individual clients' needs recognizing how bigof an investment building a home or cottage can be.

“Every project we treat asindividually and importantly as it is for the client themselves”he said.