Canadian Cancer Society seeks volunteer drivers 

Published Feb. 6 2019

Can you imagine being recently diagnosed with cancer and told that you need to travel to Toronto to receive your life saving treatment? For many people in Haliburton that is the reality they face.

But what if you didn’t have family or friends who could take you there? What would you do?

The Canadian Cancer Society offers Wheels of Hope a transportation service that helps people get to their life saving treatment. The service relies on volunteers from the community to drive clients and is in need of volunteers who can drive long distance to Peterborough Oshawa and Toronto.

“Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Canadian Cancer Society. It takes a special person to become a volunteer driver” says Amanda Delgado volunteer engagement coordinator with the Canadian Cancer Society. “These volunteers use their own vehicle to offer friendly support and kindness at a time when patients need it most. Without them giving their time to drive many people would simply not be able to get to their cancer treatments.”

In 2018 our volunteer drivers in the Peterborough and District area made 7879 trips totaling 809611 km. These drivers helped 61 children and 332 adults get to their cancer appointments both locally and in Toronto. The Canadian Cancer Society anticipates the need for the Wheels of Hope transportation program will increase each year given the aging population and more advanced screening practices.

“If you have some time to spare during the work week and love to drive then we could use your support” says Delgado. “Volunteer drivers are well trained and supported in their role. They must attend a training session and have a MTO and criminal records check before joining our team of volunteer drivers.”

The Canadian Cancer Society offers flexible day-time driving opportunities and provides a small reimbursement for kms accumulated. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer driver contact the Canadian Cancer Society at 705-726-8032 or 1-800-338-6610 or at today.