Campaign too negative

May 19 2015

Re: “Tourists asked to go ‘nowhere’ this summer” Haliburton Echo May 5

John and Ed two Haliburton seniors are sitting at a table in HeadLake Park playing cribbage.
John asks Ed: Where are you going today?
Ed: I was going to go Somewhere  but then I met you and now I’m goingNowhere.
John: Where were you going to go?
Ed: Nowhere in particularbut I forgot where.
John: Where did you go yesterday?
Ed: I was going to go Somewhere but then I met you and we went Nowhere and just sat andplayed cribbage.
John: What are you going to do tomorrow?
Ed: I’m goingNowhere in particular. If I see you tomorrow we’ll go Somewhere andhave a coffee. How about Kosy’s?
John: Sounds like a plan.
Note: Thisscenario sounds about as logical as Mr. Marc Whitehead trying topromote Haliburton tourism by reaching out with negative vibes   aka“going nowhere.” Anybody who lives here permanently knows thatHaliburton exists on a slippery slope.
We need to think with positivevibes. We want to go Somewhere Somehow Someplace and do itfast.
People who come up here to do go nowhere or do nothing or loungearound do exactly that. They don’t even go into town shopping.

Ed Lehman
Algonquin Highlands