Busy little Haliburton

By Cindy Campbell

Published Jul 24 2018

Summer is definitely here! If the scorching hot temperatures weren’t enough to signal summer then the increase in traffic had to bring you to that conclusion. During these summer months Haliburton opens its arms to the many tourists and seasonal visitors that greatly stimulate our economy. Everyone benefits from the increase in business that results from increased restaurant and retail sales. Business owners are able to give back to the community through event sponsorship and donations and more importantly increased employment opportunities to service all of the tourists.

Downtown Haliburton and its member businesses actively engage in ways to attract people to our area. Of significance this year is the partnership between the Haliburton Sculpture Forest and Downtown Haliburton that resulted in six sculptures being located in downtown Haliburton. The rock bases for these beautiful works of art is so indicative of the Haliburton landscape and the strength of our community.
The sculptures are located by Rexall Pharma Plus V&S Department Store Wind in the Willows Spa BMO The Photo Shop and adjacent to the cenotaph at the corner of York and Highland. Pamphlets with the artist’s contact information are available at various tourist sites and downtown Haliburton member businesses. Please email haliburtonbia@mail.com if you would like additional information.
Sadly the vandals have been busy in our community. It is everyone’s responsibility to help keep our village safe and clean. Please report any suspicious behaviour to the police so we can stop this negative activity that threatens our businesses. Clean-up and stolen merchandise costs add up quickly and take away from the profits our businesses need to stay open and affects the resources they have to pay employees. Please help us to keep Haliburton beautiful and vibrant.

Midnight Madness is fast approaching and everyone is excited by the long list of activities that will take place on Aug. 3. There will be musical bands and street entertainers balloons food and more to entertain you as you stroll through downtown Haliburton and enjoy all of the sales and promotions! Make sure to mark this event on your calendar.
Don’t forget to check out Head Lake Park every weekend this summer. There is an event happening every weekend for your entertainment and enjoyment. We are so lucky to have such a beautiful event venue right in the heart of our village. Don’t be shy – come out and enjoy your village!
Just before I leave you until next time my sincere gratitude to everyone that has adhered to the fire ban. No one loves a campfire and roasted hot dogs or s’mores more than me. When we see what is happening to the rural communities just north of us and the destruction caused by the forest fires we must all be very careful to protect our natural resources.

Enjoy your summer whatever you may have planned in this busy village of Haliburton where everyone is welcome.
P.S. Have you seen the beautiful flowers in downtown Haliburton?