File photo by Angelica Ingram

Biochar facility receives environmental approval

By Jenn Watt

Published Aug. 27 2018

Haliburton Forest Biochar Ltd. has received environmental compliance approval from the Ministry of Environment Conservation and Parks regarding air and noise at their Kennaway Road property in Dysart et al.

The facility is to produce biochar through pyrolysis which is a process of breaking down materials at high temperatures.

The approval applies to the sawdust dryer pyrolysis units and biochar hammermill the ministry’s website says.

Through its public consultation process the ministry received 11 comments regarding location/zoning/property value; air emissions; dust; wood waste; noise and trucks; and timeline of feedback.

The ministry’s website stated that the applicant complied with provincial standards and guidelines. It notes that the comment period was extended 66 days for the public to view the application files.

Biochar will be made at the facility by subjecting wood sawdust to high temperatures capturing carbon. The company has previously told the Echo that their intention is to sell the biochar they produce for use in industrial manufacturing replacing carbon black.

“We were happy to receive our operating permit” Malcolm Cockwell Haliburton Forest Biochar director said. “As planned we will continue with our research and development initiatives.”