All taxpayers should be treated equally

To the Editor

Laura Redman’s letter to the editor (‘Gotcha’ politics of Forest case unhelpful in the March 15 edition of the Echo) seems to indicate that the Haliburton Forest should be exempt from the bylaws that all other property owners in the municipality are required to follow. Does the fact that academically brilliant people work there that it provides space for public events that it does useful research and that it makes major contributions to the local economy mean that it doesn’t have to apply for change-of-use or building permits or that when it does and is turned down can just go ahead anyway?

Ms. Redman seems concerned about Dysart’s use of taxpayer funds. As a Dysart taxpayer I would be more concerned about what would happen if  Dysart didn’t enforce the bylaws and swept the Haliburton Forest’s actions under the carpet. What would be the effect on  taxpayer funds if there was a catastrophe during one of the events in a non-complying building because Dysart did not take proper action? Not to say anything of the heartache caused to the victim’s families if injuries or deaths could have been prevented had Dysart taken proper action.
I urge Dysart to continue taking action where it is proper and to treat all its taxpayers equally.

Elaine Bell