Work underway on Drag Lake Dams

Major concrete repairs to be done on both north and south dams on Drag Lake should be complete by the fall Parks Canada says.

In a press release issued last week the federal entity responsible for the Trent-Severn Waterway said construction access is being built on the south dam that will allow for water management while work is underway.
“Once this access is complete work will begin on the temporary dam structure –  or coffer dam –  in front of the north dam. These temporary structures will create a dry workspace enabling the contractor complete access for repairs” the release says.

Work on the dams will pause during February and resume in March.
The rehabilitation includes eventually removing damaged concrete and resurfacing the structures. New guard rails and a raised walkway between the two dams will be added.
Parks Canada said the property around the dams is private and during construction access across will be restricted.