Winter of our discontent

Published Feb. 25 2020

To the Editor

Do you remember when Canada was a friendly kind compassionate country respected in the world that way? When people said “Sorry” when they bumped into you or “How are you today eh”! Now one is afraid to say anything for fear of offending someone. Our railways connected our country from “sea to shining sea” and we were prosperous. Now look at us!

A group of Indigenous people who cannot sort out their own tribal chief battles have been holding the rest of us hostage for weeks while the government decides who is responsible to settle the issue of the blockage of the railways roads sea terminals city streets and now the U.S.A. borders. I have emailed both federal and provincial governments and they “passed the buck” though now the federal government says it will try to resolve the issue! One of their Mohawk chiefs recommends that the blockades be removed in good faith as the economy is suffering people are losing their jobs food is rotting in freight cars heating fuel goods for construction and other necessary items are not reaching their destinations. We have read their signs and heard their shouts. Now he is reprimanded by the other chiefs for his common sense approach.

Others have joined the protests to wave signs and shout slogans when they really have no knowledge of the real issues. One should be informed before they join such groups to augment the size of protesters and create more chaos. The use of children is also concerning as they are our future and should know what they are representing. The wearing of masks or bandana face coverings make it appear an illegal protest and one does not want to be recognized! If you really believe in a cause you should show your face as you demonstrate!

This country does not belong to any one group of individuals. Why can’t we sit down and talk peacefully as Canadians? As the great song says “This Land Is My Land This Land Is Your Land from Bonavista to Vancouver Island From the Arctic Circle to the Great Lake Waters This Land Is Made for You and Me.” Why can’t we keep it that way?

Lois Rigney
Minden Hills