Will provincial policy help Haliburton County?

Published May 28 2019

To the Editor

Re: Open letter from MPP Laurie Scott Haliburton Echo May 21

Tell me Ms. Scott how many of these good paying jobs will end up in Haliburton County? How is the provincial upload of Toronto transit helping the people of Haliburton County? How much is your government willing to spend to fight the federal government? Did you know that your recently increased “housing allowance” is more than most people make in Haliburton?
Though after your ignoring of voters in Haliburton at your last “paid breakfast” shows how much we mean to you.
The people of Haliburton are some of the best people I have ever met but believe me when I tell you they have long memories and come election time I hope you find yourself out of a job.

Breann Allin