Wilberforce school inspired to give

By Jenn Watt
Published October 3 2017

For a group of 62 students the sum raised for the Terry Fox Run this year was astounding.

Motivated to donate “a toonie for Terry” the student population raised more than $400 before the day of the cancer fundraiser which quickly multiplied thanks to pledges from teachers and other donors.

Before noon on Thursday the day of the walk Wilberforce Elementary School had tallied $1207 for the Terry Fox Foundation.

“I cannot even believe what I am experiencing today as a teacher. This is my 18th year being a teacher and this is the first time in many many years that I’ve had shivers everywhere when I think of the contributions our little school made” said Grade 4/5 teacher Laurie Bowker in her speech to the student body.

The school had set a goal of $350 which Ms. Bowker was concerned might not be met given the population is so small.

“I said to myself I hope that’s not too big for our little school” she said.

But she was pleasantly surprised with money steadily piling up on admin assistant Judy Pergolas’s desk in the front office.

“She is swamped with donations still coming in” Ms. Bowker said.

Before the students headed out on their walk or run she told them to take inspiration from Terry Fox.

“Terry Fox’s race is over. In fact he never finished the course. None of us do. We never finish. What is important is the running. What is important is to set goals. What is important is to not quit. Not ever” she said.

Every contribution helps to improve the lives of those with cancer and work toward a cure she said.

“Every single student in this school is incredible” she said. “You have done this for other people and it makes a huge difference.”