Who is that masked man?

To the Editor,

Mr. Selbie’s letter is well taken. He is concise and accurate in expressing his concern. It was surprising for me as well, to see how quickly the general populace moved to unmasking and circulating like there was no longer a concern.
His warning is fair. The virus and it’s evolving strains is still with us and can bite anyone any time – even the vaccinated. However, the pandemic and the “mandated” protocols have been with us for a very extended period of time and the methods of isolation have taken a very serious toll on human relations and relationships of all kinds. Economic issues aside, the mental and health and attitude of the populace is a substantial concern.
Accordingly, governments have looked at the circumstances and decided that for our “mental health and relationships” the protocols should be relaxed so that there is some return to normalcy. Gaining votes is not the strategy. The economy does factor in, but I submit we were all suffering from more than just strains on income.
Considering the percentage of persons vaccinated and the percentage who have already contracted the virus it is gambled that the health system can withstand the cases that become hospitalized, vaccinated or unvaccinated.
In this case, you can never be 100 per cent correct nor can you appease or meet the concerns and beliefs of everyone.
I for one would never want to be a leader that is saddled with making the decisions in these circumstances. You just cannot win. That, however, should not stop us as individuals from having respect for others.
Another wave is lurking so keep in mind that every right carries with it a corresponding responsibility and duty of care towards those “others.” I suspect that Mr. Selbie would express the same.

David Bishop