What your vote means

To the Editor


Is Jamie Schmale shouting in print with this headline on his most recent mailout?  “URGENT!”  “RESPONSE REQUIRED.”

Some have been trying to open discussions about electoral reform for some time without a lot of participation from him.  Has he scheduled any town halls?

He invites a response about the need for a referendum before any change takes place. But he should open with a discussion about what our vote means. And if we need a referendum here is a suggestion that perhaps gets to the meat of the matter.

Should all significant political parties and the people whose concerns they are sincerely trying to address be fairly represented in Parliament?  Yes or No?

One expert presenter to the Electoral Reform Committee caustically chided the members about referendums saying they were elected to find the best solutions for the problems of the nation not to hold a damp finger into the wind. Is Jamie Schmale a leader or just a representative of Conservatives in this riding?

Jim Milne