What a week

By Cindy Campbell

Published June 26 2018

Before I go any further everyone needs to know I think being able to live in Haliburton is a true blessing every day. The people the inherent love of the arts the generosity of everyone that leads with a servant heart and the sheer physical beauty that comes from having a lake in the centre of the village makes Haliburton amazing.

But (I hear my English teacher saying that you should never start a sentence with but) last week particularly Thursday brought my pride and amazement to a new level of gratitude. Three amazing events took place last Thursday: a charity golf tournament an expansion of the Sculpture Forest and a state-of-the-art recreational area for our youth was officially opened!

But (I did it again) let me tell you more. The charity golf tournament was in aid of the international work of The Water Ambassadors. Haliburton has proudly had many volunteers participate in projects to provide clean drinking water in countries around the world. Their vision of clean water for everyone is truly incredible. It is easy to take for granted the availability of drinking water that comes right out of your tap. What is hard to imagine is children walking for miles to get water for the day – many wouldn’t even think to drink it – but that is all there is. Thank you to everyone that played golf donated prizes and volunteered their time to make this event so successful. Please visit waterambassadorscanada.org to learn more about this charity organization.

But (I give up) then another amazing event took place. The official opening of the expansion of the Sculpture Forest to downtown Haliburton. Yes there are now six beautiful sculptures that will be on display on Highland Street. More than 40 people joined in the celebration by touring each sculpture and having the artist explain their work. Don’t fret if you missed the tour as each sculpture has a plaque explaining the work of art. Please come wander and enjoy these great additions to our beautiful downtown Haliburton.

But (I promise my last one) Thursday ended with a gathering of a couple of hundred people to officially open the brand new skateboard park beside the arena/curling club on Mountain Street. This project has been a couple of years in the making by a dedicated group of volunteers and municipal staff that believed in this cause. There is still some fundraising to go and when you see this great place with the kids practising their “board tricks” you’ll be amazed and want to pitch in. All donations are being accepted at the Dysart et al municipal office. Programming is in the works to ensure special times are set aside for our older boarders and the youngest of boarders and for training those who just want to give it a try. Watch for more details.
That all happened in one day! Way to go Haliburton.
P.S. Aren’t the flowers beautiful?