Varsity rugby team winless not hopeless

By Darren Lum

Published Oct. 17 2017

After a 43-7 home loss to Kawartha Senior Girls Rugby League’s sixth place I.E. Weldon this past Tuesday Oct. 10 the Red Hawks head coach was pointing to the holiday weekend and a lack of practice as contributors to the blowout loss.
The lopsided score comes at home days after a strong showing against Cobourg Collegiate Institute who remain the Kawartha Senior Girls Rugby League leaders in six games. The Hawks lost 27-5 but finished strongly enabling partisan fans to have reason to cheer.

Hawks coach Carson MacDonald believed the team fell short of meeting their potential in the I.E. Weldon loss at the Gary. G. Brohman Athletic Field in Haliburton.
“The team definitely didn’t play as well as they should have. And that’s a result of poor attendance for practice and too much turkey” he wrote in a text on Wednesday Oct. 11. “This morning we had [close to 21] girls so I think they got the message that they need to be at practice. And that will hopefully make for a better outcome on next Tuesday’s game.”

Hawks player Kailynn Sikma scored the only points finishing with the try and the two-point convert.
On Tuesday the Hawks will go to Peterborough and play fifth place Adam Scott (as of Wednesday Oct. 12).
The Hawks will look for their first win in five attempts in the seven-game regular season.
HHSS will end their regular season against Thomas A. Stewart Secondary in Peterborough on Friday Oct. 20.