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TROUT looks for funding from Highlands East

By Angelica Ingram

Dec. 20 2016

The following are brief reports of items discussed at the Dec. 12 meeting of Highlands East council.

A transportation service that helps residents of Highlands East is looking for continued financial support in order to sustain its operations.

Chief executive officer for Community Care North Hastings Heather Inwood-Montrose submitted a letter to council outlining the many services CCNH offers including TROUT which offers transportation to residents including those in Highlands East.

“TROUT transportation is struggling” wrote Inwood-Montrose in her report. “The depletion of funding from other municipalities is impacting our ability to maintain the level of service residents currently depend on.”

The report stated that CCNH was requesting support in the amount of $10000 for the fiscal year of 2017/2018 from Highlands East.

“The total cost to offer the Friday service to Highlands East per year is $36961.12 including direct transportation costs and administration of the system” it said in the letter. “A count of Cardiff transit days lists 20-25 people using the system many of whom use ambulatory aids. If we calculate this in terms of Highlands East past contributions this amounts to $7.69/per person/ per week ensuring residents access services appointments goods groceries and social activities.”

The municipality has supported TROUT in the past.

The request was deferred to budget deliberations.

Economic development and business co-ordinator resigns

Highlands East staff member Curtis Tighe has resigned from his position with the municipality.

The economic development and business co-ordinator has been with Highlands East for the past three and a half years stepping into the newly created position.

His decision to resign comes as a result of accepting a similar but larger role in Southwestern Ontario.

“I would like to thank the municipality for the opportunities personal and professional development that they have offered me during the past three and a half years” Tighe wrote in an email to the Echo.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the staff council committee members local businesses and the general public. I look back on my time with the municipality and take great pride of the many accomplishments. It’s amazing how much the municipality of Highlands East has achieved.”

Tighe said he wished the municipality continued success going forward.

Chief administrative officer and treasurer Shannon Hunter told the paper the municipality was going to take some time before deciding how to proceed with the position.