Margie Brannen laughs while competing at the the tennis tournament on Tuesday July 17 2018 at Rotary Park.

Trip down memory lane

To the Editor

Re: Pic of the Past Haliburton Echo Jan. 17

I saw the letter to the editor from Maureen O’Hara naming as many names as she could. I am in the back row and beside Mrs. Dart: Susan Walling then! My last name is a bit longer now. But I am able to fill in a few question marks that Maureen did not recognize. So here goes my name selections to fill in a few of the questions.
Back row: Ruby Madill is first and Ruth Madill is on the other end of the same row. Fourth little girl in the back row right beside me is Trudy Robertson. Little girl second on the other end beside Ruth Madill is I believe Wendy Wood.
Second row: the little girl that is third one in is Cindy Tripp.
Front row: Like Maureen I have no idea who that little boy is second from the end on the right-hand side.

But when you consider all of these “children” are celebrating their 60th birthdays this year I say Maureen and I did pretty good at naming them all.
Like Maureen I too thank you for the trip down memory lane. You know you have made it when you recognize yourself in Pic of the Past.

Susan Baszczynski (Walling)