Professional forester Ernie Demuth speaks to a full house at the HHOA Fish Hatchery in Haliburton on Jan. 9 as part of the Telling Our Stories Speaker Series presented by Yours Outdoors. Demuth and fellow forester Peter Hynard spoke on their passion for and experiences in forestry in an evening chat called ” may=” the=” forest=” be=” with=” you.”=” sue=” tiffin=” staffprofessional=” forester=” ernie=” demuth=” speaks=” to=” a=” full=” house=” at=” the=” hhoa=” fish=” hatchery=” in=” haliburton=” on=” jan.=” 9=” as=” part=” of=” the=” telling=” our=” stories=” speaker=” series=” presented=” by=” yours=” outdoors.=” demuth=” and=” fellow=” forester=” peter=” hynard=” spoke=” on=” their=” passion=” for=” and=” experiences=” in=” forestry=” in=” an=” evening=” chat=” called=” “may=” the=” forest=” be=” with=” you.”=” sue=” tiffin=” staff”=

Travellers to avoid U.S.

The following letter was submitted June 11 to the President of the United States following the G7 Summit hosted in Quebec.


My wife and I recently returned from a short visit to upper New York State (Clayton and Cape Vincent) an area we have visited many times in the past few years. It is lovely. The people are warm and friendly. The St. Lawrence River is a treat. The state parks are beautiful. A wonderful quiet peaceful part of the world and just a few hours’ drive from our home NE of Toronto Ontario.

We like so so many others have watched from a distance as you have aggressively dismantled what have been extraordinary relationships with first Canada and Mexico and then this past weekend the G7. Allies of the United States! The bond with Canada has been built on trust friendship shared values and commitment. The trade tariff news and incendiary comments in the last few days flies in the face of all of that historic effort. These decisions and outbursts are remarkably immature unprincipled destructive and badly thought out. It is mean spirited and in no way reflects the values of the many many fine people of the U.S. that we have come to know over the past many years. You sir are desperately out of touch as are the sycophants and toadies with whom you have surrounded yourself.

We have decided that until things change we will withhold any future visits to the US. We also encourage others to join us in cancelling any future discretionary travel to the U.S. While you may view this as a small insignificant gesture we hope that to the authorities and principals throughout the United States involved in welcoming and hosting Canadian tourists our voices and protest will be heard loud and clear.
Be certain that there are many many others from all over the world who are viewing this spurious attempt to curry favour with your vacuous uninformed supporters with the same unqualified disdain.

Sean and Gwen Pennylegion