Thoughts of a frustrated Peacenik

To the Editor,

Very early morning, not able to sleep, mind filled with concern for state of this world and trying to think of actions that individuals, families and communities can do to make a positive difference – I’ve shared some ideas with my pen and paper:
What if instead of praying for peace, we genuinely build a “peace bridge” to practically help people in need by creating welcoming spaces and places for those fleeing conflict and major climate crises. For example, we could use the armouries and other available existing buildings to provide temporary shelter for the Ukrainian families escaping the violent Russian attacks; religious orders of every faith could help sponsor this endeavour; these armouries would become places of safety and support; our flag would again be a symbol of peace and freedom for a world in grave danger, with our humanity once again in jeopardy; our world is in crisis – facing significant issues of climate, war, human rights, income disparity, food insecurity, mental health, and threats to democratic principles that took centuries to build … clean air, community responsibility, social justice, peace of mind are all necessities for a healthy life – for all … how best can each of us contribute to restore our humanity, and protect our world for future generations?
I believe that most of us want to do what we can to make a better place for all. Let’s keep sharing ideas on how to “build these bridges,” serving our communities, both locally and on a global scale, and show respect and appreciation for the many whose compassion and commitment to the principle that we truly are “all in this together” and that it is only in looking out for one another that we can heal this planet, and the life upon it.

Fred Phipps