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The meat of the thing

To the Editor

Re: Voting change

In your editorial of Aug. 6 you speculated about why plebiscites in many provinces have not led to reform.
Voting change you wrote and getting into the meat of reform is a confusing time- consuming process with no clear answer. Well you’re mistaken. Sorry!

In a representative democracy all significant points of view should be represented. That is the meat of the discussion the principle involved. It’s not about winning or losing. Elections are not a horse race. In any case that is a poor metaphor. Winning even with a majority of the votes is not good enough. Again it misses the point.

After accepting this we can discuss how best to ensure as many voters as possible can be represented. But again that is the essential point surely not difficult to understand. That is the point Jamie Schmale ignores as well. “Schmale wants voters to decide” page 5 again Aug. 16. especially without extensive discussion and information.
There are lots of things to consider to achieve good representation but one more point. We make our best decisions and can have the most confidence in the system only when all significant points of view are represented.

Jim Milne