Thank you Haliburton

To the Editor,

We did it! The Lions Classic raised $2,500 to donate to the Haliburton County Public Library for the purchase of early education program materials. But, no, that’s not right. It’s not “we did it.” It’s YOU DID IT!
You, the business owners who so generously donated silent and loonie auction items. Thank you! Look for your name on our website. It’s a long list. Our attendees were in awe of your donations, and so were we!
You, the performers who so generously donated your time and talents. Thank you to Jeff Barry and Friends, Jerelyn and the Invisible Boy Band, Albert John Saxby and Jeff Moulton, and Paul O’Neil.
You, the people of Haliburton, (also known as the best little town in Canada). You came out and we could see you were having fun. You told us that it was great. “It was my first time participating in a loonie auction. I had so much fun.” “It was fun to get out and enjoy the first Classic.” And you bid, boy, did you bid, in the loonie and silent auctions. Thank you to you all.

Gail Stelter, event coordinator
Haliburton and District Lions Club