Take time to love

By Gerald Irish

I probably have told you (I’ve told everyone who will listen) that one of our granddaughters Ashley Nicole is living and working in South Korea. She like her grandma and grandpa did is working as a teacher. She is teaching English to Korean children.

She Skyped us to let us know that her thesis entitled “Exploring the hemispheric lateralization of the theory of minds” has been accepted for publication by the University of Berkeley in California in their journal. (What a title! It took three tries for her to get it correctly to me! I do not even pretend to comprehend the title. Wait until we receive our copy of this body of work. ) If you stop me for a visit do not ask me to explain her epistle. I assure you I will not be able to do so. But I will be able to brag about this little girl who has brought joy into our lives long before some university got a hold of her.

This really made me stop and think. This is my little girl. Where did the time go? She’s still my little girl. She always will be. When did she grow up so suddenly? Where have I been? I stopped also and took a closer look at my beautiful six other grandchilden. How proud I am of these fine young men and women! What wonderful lives they have made for themselves their spouses and our great grandchildren. I must make sure that I let each and every one of them know of our love and our pride. This I must do. I don’t want to leave it too late.

Ashley made me realize that my love and pride extends to all members of my family. Thanks sweetie.

At this time of year seniors take time to reflect on the lives we affect and the love we can offer to each other.

Happy 2016 to everyone!