Over her eight years at HSAD Kelsey Redman has received all 12 diploma and certificates. She was honoured with a special graduation hood at the May 25 ceremony.

Student graduates with 12 diplomas and certificates

By Olivia Robinson

Published May 29 2018

Kelsey Redman has done a lot in eight years: she has am assed two diplomas and 10 college certificates from the Haliburton School of Art + Design.

Redman’s remarkable milestone was recognized by Sandra Dupret dean and principal of the school at the school’s May 25 convocation.

“Artists are special people and they strive to make sense of the world around them” said Dupret. “Students who become part of the campus fabric and they are what makes this campus so special.”

Several faculty members were teary-eyed as Dupret awarded Redman with a commemorative graduation hood during the ceremony. Dupret praised Redman as an “amazing ambassador for our school.”

Redman’s hood is decorated with elements from each of her diplomas and certificates embellished by the embroidery machine and a piece from the silkscreen table.

“My process this year was a lot of reclaiming trash as art so it actually really relates to my thesis” Redman said.

Redman’s certificates and diplomas include visual creative arts fibre arts sculpture ceramics glass blowing artist blacksmith jewelry essentials photo arts digital image design moving image design drawing and painting and integrated design. Redman graduated at the top of her class in every program.

Not only did Redman receive the special recognition to cap off the ceremony but she was also awarded the Integrated Design Diploma Award for Experimental Studio earlier in the program.

“It was kind of a surprise” Redman said of the unique honour. “I’m so used to just slipping by.”

Unlike most graduates who move away from the area after graduating Redman will continue to live work and create in Haliburton County. She now lives in West Guilford and doesn’t plan on leaving the area anytime soon.

Since she’s been part of the school community for so many years she has gradually collected a list of like-minded artists and creators. Now that her schooling has come to a close she hopes to start a communal live-in and studio space – a concept she has also explored in her thesis.

“A lot of my friends struggle to get studio space once they leave – whether that’s finding it affording it or being close enough to it. I want to create that communal living together – you live and work in the same space.”