Greg Thomas is all smiles as he takes on the position of network co-ordinator for the Supporting Performing Arts in Rural Communities (SPARC) initiative. Thomas who is a native of the United Kingdom began the position earlier in March and is looking forward to the opportunity ahead and getting to know the community. ANGELICA INGRAM Staff

Sorry tournament over

To the Editor

I have lived part time in Haliburton County for 20 years. I was a linesman in the NHL for 25 years (from 1972 to 1997). I was sorry to hear that Scotty’s tournament was cancelled. I refereed a few of the all-star games at the end of the tournament for about three years in row to help out and raise money for the charity. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Scotty publicly for including me in helping him raise money for this great cause.

On another subject I would like to suggest to the Halibuton County councillors that it should be a no-brainer on what to do about the tourist centre and the fish hatchery funding. It is obvious that the tourist centre should be closed because most people go online to find out about places they might want to go to. As far as seniors go I am one myself. Most of us have computers or iPhones. You can save $62000 by doing this and putting $20000 in fish hatchery instead of $10000. Fishing brings more people into the county and that means more money spent in the area. The more fish the more people.

The rest of the money could be put towards Community Support Services which was lost due to the cancellation of the tournament.

Bob Hodges