Skating club has history of excellence

To the Editor,

When I responded to questions for the article [Fulfilling a dream and making a community proud, published March 29], I believe I was a bit excited and forgot to mention that Melanie Walter was the first solo WOMAN I coached, who earned a berth to the all-Ontario’s since Janine Garbutt. I never intended to offend anyone. The accomplishments of those before her during my 40 years, who have achieved and earned provincial berths included dancers and one male skater. I apologize if this upset anyone. The dancers we’ve produced from the Minden Skating Club during my time have absolutely done us proud. Each athlete is a treasure and I’m so blessed to have had the memories made with them. There were actually two women coached by another coach that made provincials. Members of the skating club definitely makes its mark in the figure skating world.

Jane Symons

Editor’s note: In my transcription of the text message from Jane, I failed to include “woman” skater and any omission was by my carelessness and not with her.