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Short-term rental bylaw requires further study

To the Editor

An email arrived at our house today and I feel that it totally misrepresented what was said at the all-candidates meeting in Highlands East. The email would have you believe that present council is pressing ahead with a bylaw regardless of community opinion on the issue of short-term rentals. When in fact council members including Mayor Dave Burton said they were in favour of short-term rentals. Short-term rentals are good for the economy. They are an important way to introduce our area to others. What Mayor Burton and council members expressed concern about were the few cottage renters that rent to irresponsible and inconsiderate individuals the overtaxing of sewer and water systems (due to too many people) and safety in particular fire.
Everyone agreed that the proposed bylaw in its present form would not work. Enforcing a bylaw would be next to impossible but the cottagers who are being negatively affected have to be taken into consideration.
Once again the few spoil it for the many. The question remains how to weed out the few and teach them to be responsible. As was mentioned by the candidates it requires further study and consultation with the community.
The internet allows anonymity and access to a large audience. It’s important for the audience to verify the facts before accepting everything as gospel.

Patricia Russell
Highlands East